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The Sports Goods Market
In Central Europe

After the success of our Northern European report (2007) and Southern European report (2008), we published our research of the European sporting goods markets with the more mature markets of Central Europe in four volumes (from July 2009 to March 2010): 

 For each country, the research is structured in the same way as our previous reports and reviews 120 different topics including:

  • Trends in sports participation and governmental initiatives to promote sports activities
  • Import-export statistics from the last few years
  • Profiles of important companies in the sector
  • Overall market size data and growth, with details on apparel, footwear and equipment and on the market for 10 major sports categories (fitness, team sports, golf and racket sports, running, cycling, action sports, water sports, outdoor sports, cue sports)
  • Structure and development of the supply chain at the wholesale and retail levels, with an analysis of the distribution strategies and channels, including the fashion circuit and the internet
  • Consumers' attitudes toward sporting goods and marketing
  • Ways of entering the market and optimizing brand penetration

In addition, each company report includes listings of important distributors, retailers, and other useful contacts.

Please ask for your executive summaries by sending an e-mail to info@edmpublications.com 

Price of the report:

- All 4 volumes = €1,200 instead of €2,000 (initial price)
- 2-volume package = €600 instead of €1,000
- One single volume = €360 instead of €600

Package including our previous reports is also available:
- Central + Southern + Northern Europe (11 volumes) = €2,800

The reports are available as pdf files under certain conditions, and with a 30% supplement in price. If you are an SGI subscriber, you will benefit from a 20% discount on the above prices.