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If you are logged into the Member’s area through your personal password, you can do one of the following operations:

To do any of these things, click HERE or use the My Account prompt on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Once you are logged in, you also can access the electronic ARCHIVES of the publication or publications to which you subscribe, and to manipulate them in different ways. The publications are listed in the left column, at the bottom of the menu. Here is what you have to do then:

Click on SEARCH to let the system go through the archives.

Multiple-word searches allow you to select two keywords in three different ways:

How to consult an article

At the end of the search, a new list of articles will appear in the lower middle area of your screen, indicating the number of items that correspond to your selection. Click on any article to consult it. You can go back and pick another one afterwards.

How to select, print, save and retrieve articles

You can do so for one specific article or a series of related articles. You first select the single article or the series by clicking on the corresponding little icon (a page with a green +) to the left of their titles in the main list. You can choose to consult an article first and add it to your selection by clicking on the icon featured in a larger format at the top right of the article after you have opened it.

You can manage as many files (=selections) as you like. They will all appear in a window that you can open by clicking on Your selection" at the bottom of the left column on your main screen. The buttons at the top of your selection will give you the option to print, save or delete the article(s) in your selection. You may also deselect a particular article, clicking on its red-marked icon.

If you want to save an article or a series of articles, click on the SAVE icon and name your file with a script (you may have to adjust your browser to allow the pop-up window to open). Your files are stored under their respective names when you log out.

If you want to print an article or a series of articles, click on the PRINT icon.

When you open a new session on the archives, you will automatically start with an empty file, or selection, to fill when you click on "Your selection" at the bottom of the left-hand column.

If you wish to retrieve a file (selection) already saved, you should click on "Your selection" at the bottom of the left-hand column. A page will open with your current selection. If you see the words “Your current selection is empty” on this page, you have to open the desired file on the scroll-down menu at the top right to retrieve it. Once you have opened it, you can add other articles, delete existing ones or print the whole file.

If you are not a subscriber and would like more information, please contact us at info@edmpublications.com