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Designer Shoe designer and consultant Date : 13/11/2017 
Freelance shoe designer and line builder, with a broad knowledge of shoe manufacture around the world. Highly experienced in design, materials, technical details. I have worked with leading brands in Scandinavia, Germany, UK and US, especially in women’s casual/comfort and children’s shoes. Over 25 years of experience with Gore-Tex. Work happily in factories in Europe and all Asian countries. A good team worker, and very hands on. I work directly on patterns and shoes, and can advise on construction. At the end of the day, you need shoes that sell, and I love to work together with factories to make shoes work.
Contact Penny Leese at penny@leese.dk
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Manager(s) CEO / Managing Director Date : 28/09/2017 
CEO looking for a new challenge! I am a versatile and solution focused CEO/Managing Director that is now seeking a senior role where my extensive global sports industry experience and expertise can bring immediate value. As a global brand leader I am experienced in managing large teams and heading complex operations on behalf of a wide range of stakeholder groups. My experience includes business start-ups, brand expansion and business transformation through driving forward efficiencies, maximizing product and marketing opportunities, reducing costs and delivering sustainable, profitable growth. I have a proven record of achieving excellence through always putting the consumer at the centre of all business activity and on building teams focused on meeting specific consumer needs. I am now ready and available to help your business reach the next level.
Please contact me through SGI at: info@edmpublications.com, quoting reference CMD0917.
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Head/Director Internationally experienced Senior Executive Date : 01/09/2017 
Internationally experienced Senior Executive (B2B and B2C0) with an outstanding record of achievement and success in the Optical sector. In-depth knowledge of optical frame design and manufacture, responsible for the design and launch of a diverse eyewear collection, which combined fashion with practicality. Attended major eyewear trade shows SILMO and MIDO every year for the last 14 years, keeping up to date with technology and trends and building an extensive international network. Team player who is able to build very strong, long term relationships with clients at all levels as well as colleagues, enjoys coaching and mentoring others and seeing them succeed and grow. Wide skill set includes business & account management, business development and operations, marketing, distribution, logistics/supply chain and product development. Founded and managed a SME company, having recognised gaps in the market, demonstrating exceptional drive, business acumen, market insight and integrity.
Relocated to the UK, and seeking an exciting opportunity where I can use my expertise to make a difference and continue to develop and grow.
Please contact martingatkinson@gmail.com for more information.
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