Inside the Digital Strategies and Ecosystems of Nike & Adidas

Inside the Digital Strategies and Ecosystems of Nike & Adidas

How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

In sport — and increasingly in the lifestyle, athleisure, and health-tech market segments — Nike and Adidas are dominant. Not because they possess decades-long legacies, but because they’ve built — and continue to build — sophisticated ecosystems that touch the custumers at every point of their journey.

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  • In-depth analysis of the Nike and Adidas Ecosystems and Digital Strategies
  • Best practices and actionable insights

We are mapping the Nike and Adidas ecosystems so you can visualize the primary components and understand how they fit and work together. Afterward, we’ll break down the strategic thinking driving the ecosystems — their financial progress and evolution — by outlining the business models underpinning the Nike and Adidas ecosystems.

Lastly, we’ll provide a 23-point digital transformation checklist you can use to build a robust ecosystem — patterned after those of Nike and Adidas — that differentiates, future-proofs, and sustains a durable competitive advantage.

Table of Content
  • Executive Summary
  • Ecosystem Breakdown: Nike vs. Adidas
    • The Adidas Ecosystem
      • Customer & Data Insights
      • Mobile Apps
      • Platform A & leAD
      • Collaborations & Sponsorships
      • Strategic Accounts, Focus & Marketplace
    • The Nike Ecosystem
      • Predictive Analytics
      • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities
      • Virtual Reality & Digital Ledgers
      • Content & Commerce
      • Omnichannel Differentiated
      • Sponsorships with Purpose
  • Nike’s Digital Transformation (CDA)
  • Adidas’s Digital Transformation (OTG)
  • Your Digital Transformation Checklist
  • Contributors

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