Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe

Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe

Published since 1989, Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe is the leading international business publication on the sporting goods market in Europe, focusing on brands, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers. A minimum of 40 issues are published each year.

We provide executives in the sporting goods industry with critical market information and analysis to make better informed decisions in a fast changing market environment.

SGI Europe – Unparalleled insights about the international sporting goods industry.

Benefits – Industry Intelligence that keeps you ahead of the competition

Upgrade your market knowledge

Premium information on big and small players including insights and analysis about acquisitions, mergers and other strategic moves, financial results, market statistics, changes in management and distribution, retail development and strategy, marketing, legal issues, etc.

Benchmark your performance against the market and competitors

Monitor the leading brands, manufacturers and retailers and benchmark your performance. Follow the most significant facts and figures in your sector and make better informed decisions.

Find inspiration to drive your business forward

Find inspiration to grow your business in a fast-changing market environment. Get access to whitepapers, studies and best practices from industry peers and leaders that help you grow your business. Spot opportunities for new initiatives and new partnerships with facts and figures specific to your sector.

Trends analysis and new business models

Get access to forward-looking trend reports. Stay up to date with new business models and startups that are shaping the future of the industry.

Monitor E-Commerce & Direct-to-consumer initiatives

Monitor the E-Commerce initiatives of the leading sport brands and retailers. Learn which technology, data and skills are needed to master online growth. Track the movements of the big players like Amazon, Alibaba or Zalando.

Get the global picture

We provide you with growing coverage of emerging markets.

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We serve the audience you need to reach. We provide the platforms and the content that keeps them coming back. For more information check out our Marketing Services or get in touch.

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We research, condense and summarize the market information you need. As a subscriber, you will receive our cutting-edge international business newsletter SGI Europe – the must-read for all leaders and decision makers in the industry; essential market intelligence provided to you every second week. No promotional articles, no brand or product advertising.

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How we help you make smarter business decisions

Our analysis, insightful data and comprehensive news help industry professionals to obtain critical market and competitive information.

Industry Executives
  • Benchmark yourself against the market and competitors
  • Find inspiration to drive your business forward
  • Save time and money
  • Build your expertise and network to leaders that are shaping the industry
  • Stay up to date with new business models and startups
Financial Analysts
  • Monitor market development and activity of key industry players
  • Know who are the movers and shakers of the industry
  • Build your expertise and network in the international sporting goods industry
  • Profit from the analysis, insightful data and strategic insights
  • Monitor M&A activity
  • Save time and money – we are the nexus of all you need to know
Advisors and Suppliers
  • Partner more effectively by understanding customer needs and strategies
  • Identify fast-growth clients and opportunities
  • Build your expertise and network in the international sporting goods industry (+€450 bn market)
  • Become part of the conversation
  • Save time and money

Insights and analysis you can’t get anywhere else…

SGI Europe offers unique insights and analysis about the international sporting goods market

Exclusive analysis and rankings on the leading market players

Get the latest facts and figures about the leading sports brands, manufacturers, retailers and the wholesale – we cover key players such as Nike, Adidas, VF Corporation, Anta Sports, Lulelemon, Puma and Columbia Sportswear.

Market statistics and analysis

Each year we publish a series of exclusive charts and statistics about the international sporting goods market such as the Global Stock Market Performers, the European retail chart and the international market for three product categories (athletic footwear, athletic apparel and sports equipment) with the ranking of the major players, among others.

Get insights about the key market segments like running, fitness, biking, swimming, teamsports, tennis and golf among others.

International market reports

Get all the information you need on the sporting goods market internationally (for example sporting goods market in China, Brazil, Eastern Europe, the Nordics, India, Central Europe, Southern Europe and Northern Europe).

Key executive movements tracking and insight, Board & Shareholder Analysis

Get insights about key executive movements as well as board & shareholder analysis

Access the new searchable electronic archives

Access the SGI Europe archives to check any of the +25.000 articles and analysis published over the past 15 years.

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