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Sporting Goods Industry

A global market of +€450 bn. Includes athletic apparel, athletic footwear and sports equipment.

Outdoor Industry

A global market of +€50 bn. Includes outdoor equipment, outdoor apparel and footwear.

Eyewear Industry

The global eyewear market is estimated at €130 bn and includes spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses, and other eyewear products.

Footwear Market

The global footwear market is estimated at +€300 bn. It includes athletic footwear and non-athletic footwear.

Our business information service is tailored to the needs of the leading brands, retailers, investors, financial institutions, advisors, entrepreneurs and suppliers in the sporting goods industry, the outdoor industry, the eyewear industry and the footwear industy.

Join the exclusive circle of decision makers that are using our exclusive information service and industry expertise to obtain critical market information, exclusive analysis on the leading market players, trends analysis and forecasts, analysis on new business models and the right industry connections to grow their businesses in a fast changing market environment.


Our business publications provide unparalleled insights and analysis in their respective industries. Over 20,000 industry professionals and leaders trust EDM to obtain critical market information and analysis to make better informed decisions and to stay one step ahead.

Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe

Published since 1989, SGI Europe is the leading international business publication on the sporting goods market in Europe, focusing on brands, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers operating in this important region of the world.

The Outdoor Industry Compass

Launched in 2008 as the ideal complement of SGI Europe, The Outdoor Industry Compass provides industry information on the international outdoor market, focusing on the leading manufacturers, brands and retailers of outdoor footwear, apparel and equipment. Our SGI Europe subscribers benefit from a 30% discount on their subscription to The Outdoor Industry Compass.

Eyewear Intelligence

Published since 2000, Eyewear Intelligence provides industry intelligence on the international eyewear and optical market focusing on suppliers, distributors, retailers and brands.

Shoe Intelligence

Published since 1999, Shoe Intelligence is the leading international business publication on the non-athletic footwear market, focusing on suppliers, distributors, retailers and the leading international footwear brands.


Research & Advisory Services

The fast changing market environment drives the need for organizations to learn and adapt fast. We help our clients with best in class insights, data, connections and intelligence to win in an e-commerce driven world.

Expert backed-research

In-depth, customized research and analysis backed by our unique expert network

Expert sessions

Gain in-depth market insights by connecting with leading experts worldwide

Digital growth

Evaluate your digital growth potential & become a digital frontrunner

Marketplace growth

Increase sales and succeed on Amazon, Alibaba, Zalando and other marketplaces

Join the exclusive circle of decision makers that are using our exclusive information service and industry expertise to grow their businesses in a fast changing market environment.

Market and competitive Intelligence

We have unique, best in class industry data which allows you to monitor and compare the leading industry players. We provide customized reports for your organization and provide you with the information in the desired format and frequency, so it´s easy for you to integrate into your day-to-day operations.

Our offer:

  • Competitive Benchmarking
    • Quarterly benchmarking reports on the top brands & retailers – includes analysis and mapping of key financials and key strategic initiatives
  • Digital trend analysis and forecasting
    • Includes key industry trends, drivers, insights and new business models and startups that are shaping the future of the industry

Marketing Services

We serve the audience you need to reach. We provide the platforms and the content that keeps them coming back. Become part of the conversation.

Our subscribers of the four publications have the following functions: C-level, company owners, investors, entreprenuers, investment analysts, sales directors, marketing directors, product directors, market development teams, market intelligence and insight team, e-Commerce directors, innovation and sustainability directors and many more.

EDM provides targeted media reach to high-profile decision makers on markets worth app. 1.000 BN Euro.

We can help:

  • Position you as a thought leader and innovator around specific topics (solution, technology, sustainability for example) through native advertising
  • Raise awareness of you company and solutions
  • Lead generation for your sales team
  • High-quality digital content creation for your own websites and other channels
  • Market insights: we help you to identify potential clients and growth opportunities
  • Employer Branding and executive-oriented classified ads

Nowhere else, you will be able to reach such a high-profile audience in a premium environment with you marketing message.

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