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Winning in E-Commerce

Inside the Digital Strategies and Ecosystems of
Nike & Adidas

How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

  • In-depth analysis of the Nike and Adidas Ecosystems and Digital Strategies
  • Best practices and actionable insights

Winning in E-Commerce

Best Practices and Insights from Top DTC Brands

  • 50 pages of in depth analysis of top 20 DTC brands
  • Examples and ratings of most common DTC strategies and practices

How to become a digital first brand

Breaking down Nike’s transformation

Exclusive Report
How Nike reached its 30% digital sales mix three years ahead of schedule

Winning in E-Commerce

Inside the Digital Strategies of Top Sports E-Tailers

  • Deep dive analysis of top Sports E-tailers business models
  • The Sports E-tailer landscape – Overview with major 20 sports E-tailers

Exclusive Study

The Sports Brands Winning the Online Race in Germany

Detailed coverage of 60 of the world’s leading sports brands

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions

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