Inside the Digital Strategies of Top Sports E-Tailers

The future belongs to sporting goods brands with the best digital strategies. With barriers to entry in e-commerce plummeting, strategic clarity and ingenuity are vital. There is no blueprint to follow. But dissecting the strategies of the world’s top sports e-tailers offers actionable insights you can adapt and use to identify the right path forward for your brand.

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This report takes you inside the strategies employed by some of the largest, fastest growing, and most successful firms; SIGNA Sports United, Fanatics, PrivateSportShop and Keller Sports. It reveals what they prioritize, how they scale, and when to pivot to seize new opportunities.

This report can help you transform your brand and its future — with e-commerce insights in four key areas:

  • Prioritize Data Management
  • Differentiate With Business Model Flexibility
  • Diversify With Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Leverage Key Competitive Advantage to Seize New Opportunities

No matter what stage of digital transformation you’re in, this report is designed to illuminate what’s possible for brands willing to experiment and optimize. The insights provided here may be adapted or modified to chart a successful strategic course of your own.

Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • The Sports E-tailer Landscape
  • Keller Sports: Data-First Mindset Complements Innovative Omnichannel Strategy
    • Intelligent data management
      • Expedited customer service
      • Improved order and sales visibility
      • Optimized purchase and inventory management
      • Automated instant refunds
    • Data stack scalability
      • Fewer development resources
      • Smarter, faster decisions
    • Cross-channel data optimization
      • Digital storefronts
      • In-application
      • Marketplaces
    • Key Takeaways
  • PrivateSportShop: Winning With Exclusivity as Flash Sale Model Evolves
    • Differentiating with exclusivity
      • Lever #1: Exclusive prices
      • Lever #2: Exclusive club
      • Lever #3: Exclusive products
      • Lever #4: Exclusive sales structure
    • Planned strategic obsolescence
      • Digital flash sales
      • Mobile application
      • Content and community
      • Refurbished items
      • Full price
    • Trust as a digital growth engine
    • Key Takeaways
  • SIGNA Sports United: Leveraging Platform-as-a- Service (PaaS) to Launch a Multi-Brand Strategy
    • Multi-brand growth strategy
      • Bike
      • Tennis
      • Racquet Finder
    • Outdoor
      • Team sports
    • Platform solutions
      • Customization
      • Advanced checkout
      • Payment gateways, currencies, and shipping methods
      • Rewards
      • Points of Sale (POS)
      • Returns
      • Compounding data advantage
    • Key Takeaways
  • Fanatics: Marrying Manufacturing and Analytics to Create a Future Beyond Sportswear
    • Verticalization as a moat
    • Analytics infuse agility
    • Beyond sportswear
    • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion

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