About us

EDM Publications has been founded in Paris in 1989.

In a fast changing market environment it is critical to have access to premium market information, analysis and insights.

Since its foundation, EDM’s business publications, exclusive analysis and reports have served executives and industry professionals around the globe to gain deeper market knowledge and to make better business decisions.

We help our customers win in the digital economy, unlocking the information, data, and connections our customers need to make the decisions that will enable their business to grow and thrive.

Since April 2020 the headquarter is located in Munich.

Our team

EDM Publications was founded by Eugenio Di Maria, a multi-lingual journalist, born in Italy, who has worked in Europe and in North America for The New York Times, the Associated Press and the Fairchild Publications of New York. He has been stationed in France since 1978. He acts as editor of most of EDM Publications’ business publications.

Since September 2019, Krischan Hertle is the new CEO and main shareholder of EDM. A German-French entrepreneur with extensive experience in the B2B information industry he is driving the modernization and growth of EDM Publications.

New on board as co-owner is also Martin Kössler, founder of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group and of an international, Scandinavian-based investment and consulting company, Helping You Grow International Business AB (HuginBiz®).

The team of EDM Publications is a group of editors, analysts and researchers of various nationalities, located in different countries and speaking different languages. Together, they bring to the table a combined industry experience of more than 100 years.

Together we will expand, innovate and modernize contents and services to even better serve industry executives around the world with relevant and exclusive insights, business intelligence and forward-looking analysis, helping clients to take better business decisions and to grow their business.