Winning in E-Commerce

Winning in E-Commerce – Best Practices and Insights from Top DTC Brands

Though many powerful brands share a similar strategy, it’s how they execute that will determine their success or failure. In more than two dozen detailed examples, this report reveals how top DTC brands in and outside the sporting goods industry are winning in e-commerce and provides actionable insights you can use to win a global race everyone is seemingly running but few are winning.

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  • 50 pages of in depth analysis of top 20 DTC brands
  • Examples and ratings of most common DTC strategies and practices

Our industry is undergoing a once in a century transformation. The shift towards DTC has been accelerated by the global pandemic. DTC as a strategy, as some industry practitioners point out, isn’t innovative. True innovation is about how you go DTC.

Table of Content
  • Executive Summary
    • The Opportunity: Higher Margins
    • The Challenge: Acquisition & Fulfillment Costs
    • The Solution: DTC Execution
    • The 20 DTC Brands
    • Key Takaways
  • Business Model Pillar #1: Customer Experience
    • What is Customer Experience
    • Executing on Customer Experience
      • The Emazing Group Lifts Sales With Lightning Fast Site Performance
      • Good American Boosts Sales With Real Time Inventory Counts
      • Kopari Personalizes the Checkout Experience With Geolocation
      • Perfect Locks Embeds Customized Rewards in the Checkout
      • Oreo Empowers Customers to Create Personalized Products
      • Pura Vida Bracelets Personalized Product Recommendations
    • Key Takaways
  • Business Model Pillar #2: Technology
    • The Many Faces of Complexity
    • Start With the Customer
    • Selecting a Digital Architecture
      • The Platform
      • Headless Architecture
    • Tech Stack Tools
      • Nanoleaf Increases Conversions by Going Headless
      • Merchology Lifts Sales with Dynamic Checkout Pricing
      • Emazing Lights Offers Dynamic Upsells to Lift Order Values
      • 100% Pure Creates Custom Tooling for Multi-Store Sync Solution
      • Koala Launches Headless PWA to Improve Customer Experience
      • Laird Superfoods Automates the Wholesale Ordering Process
      • Babylist Uses APIs to Build the Ultimate Baby Registry Platform
    • Key Takeaways
  • Business Model Pillar #3: Go to Market Strategy
    • Flash Sales
    • Launch & Drop Cadence
    • Subscriptions
      • Frankies Bikinis Automates New Product Drops
      • Good American Helps Customers Form New Habits
      • NOBULL Drops Supply Constrained New Products at Midnight
      • 100% Pure Automates Flash Sales to Scale Faster
      • Gymshark Rewards Top Customers In Person with Pop-Up Events
      • ThirdLove Earns Loyalty— & More Sales—With Rewards Tiers
      • Rhone Personalizes Rewards With Gamification
    • Key Takeaways
  • Business Model Pillar #4: Marketing
    • Trend Tailored Marketing
    • First Party Data is Vital
      • Gymshark Leverages Asymmetry Once a Year to Stand Out
      • Evy’s Tree Differentiates With Unique Product Launch Formula
      • Pura Vida Converts Best Customers into Massive Salesforce of Influencers
      • International Military Antiques Reads the Minds of Its Customers
      • Nanoleaf Humanizes Email to Salvage Lost Sales
      • Death Wish Coffee’s Marketing Wins the Super Bowl
    • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
    • #1: Customer Experience
    • #2: Technology
    • #3: Go to Market
    • #4: Marketing

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